How To Record iPhone Screen Or iPad Screen?

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If you are an iPhone or iPad enthusiast then you might want to do certain things with your device that others don’t. For instance, you might want to record iPhone screen for one reason or another. It can be one great option if you are interested in explaining features of a new iOS device, make your own tutorials, or show off some new apps, etc. Though it may not be possible to record the screen of your Phone directly but if you’re a MacBook owner then you can simply do it by plugging your device into your Mac.

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How To Record iPhone Screen

How To Record iPhone Screen

Recording your iPhone screen can’t be possible directly and you will have to do it with a record iPhone screen app. As for the apps for this purpose, there are quite a few options available but we’d suggest two of the best options for you and discuss the process of recording your screen with both these apps. These are:

  • QuickTime App
  • ScreenFlow App

How To Record iPhone Screen QuickTime

How To Record iPhone Screen QuickTime

Whether you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can record the screen of your iOS device with the QuickTime app. To kick start the process, you will have to plugin your device into your MacBook and launch QuickTime app. Here is the step by step procedure.

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to Mac with the help of lightning cable.
  2. Go to Dock or Applications folder on your Macbook and open the QuickTime app
  3. Click File
  4. Now Click on New Movie Recording
  5. As soon as the recording window shows up, click on downward caret that is present right next to record button
  6. You will see the name of your iPhone under Camera, Click it
  7. Your iPhone name will also be visible under Microphone and if you’re willing to record your audio as well then Click it too
  8. Now Click on Record button
  9. Once you’re done recording the screen, Click on Stop button
  10. Now Click File
  11. Click on Save
  12. Choose a Title for your video
  13. Choose desired location for saving your video file
  14. Click Save

How To Record iPhone Screen With ScreenFlow

How To Record iPhone Screen With ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow also offers similar options for recording the screen of your iOS device. However, it does offer something extra as well. Yes, it allows you to edit your video within this app as well and you do not have to opt for some other program such as iMovie for editing purposes. Like QuickTime, you can also voice record iPhonewith ScreenFlow.

Also, in situations when QuickTime may be a bit choppy, ScreenFlow lets you capture videos better. But if you’re not interested in paying anything for this then you should better go with QuickTime as that is your free option. Here are the steps to follow for iPhone screen recording using ScreenFlow.

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  1. Start by plugging in the your iPhone or iPad to Mac using Lightning Cable
  2. Open ScreenFlow app
  3. The app detects your iOS device automatically and gives the option of screen recording
  4. Check the right device on Record Screen From check box
  5. In case of audio recording, check Record Audio From check box as well and ensure that you choose right device
  6. Now you can click on record button to start with your video and audio recording.
  7. Once the recording is completed, editing screen will be opened by ScreenFlow and you can make any changes as desired
  8. Save your video to desired location by clicking save when you have completed editing

So, that’s all for now! Install one of these apps to your Mac and start preparing your tutorials or whatever you want and record iPhone screen anytime.

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