Movie Pro Review - An Inside Out Look At 3K Camera For iPhone

Movie Pro Review – An Inside Out Look At 3K Camera For iPhone

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Movie Pro remains to be a powerful video recorder for iPhone users that comes with limitless options. The usefulness of the app can be estimated simply by the fact that more than a million people are currently using it worldwide. Though iTunes App Store has it for a long period of time but the app has recently been updated to make full use of better camera processing and faster processors of the latest iPhone models.

What makes movie pro the best is its ability to record 3K videos at around 30 fps and this video quality gives you 3072×1728 pixels resolution per frame. However, Movie Pro is not just about better video quality and frame rates, there are some pro features as well that make it worth installing on your iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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High Data Rates

For 3072×1728 at 25 fps videos, the data rate for H.264 files is 120-130 mgeabits/second. Now that makes it 681K per frame. Encoding QuickTime movies with Photo Jpeg having low quality, the data rate will be somewhere around 640K per frame. Recording at 30 fps will also give you frames of lower quality and you don’t get higher data rate.

In case you choose to record 3072×1728 resolution videos at 2 fps, data rate you’ll get will be 25 Mbps. As a result, you will get frames of really high quality.

There is a quick fall in data rates when it comes to low resolution videos as you get 115 Mbps rate for 3000×1688 videos, 85 Mbps for 2560×1440 videos and 45 Mbps for 1920×1080 videos. You can’t directly set data rates, however.


Besides giving you a sound meter on screen, Movie Pro gives you on-screen control features for the input record levels. You can use splitter cables for monitoring with the headphones whereas the scene can be recordedwith separate microphone. Bluetooth connect microphones can be used as well.

It is also possible for you to control the way you record the videos. You can opt for any of the options from none, uncompressed, normal, medium and low.

As it appears, you can get same data rate results for normal, medium and low and that is 64 Kbps 44.1 kHz AAC.

Video Recording

The default settings in Movie Pro allow you to auto focus, auto white balance and auto expose as you record the videos. If you want to set specific point on which you want the app to use for exposure and focus then you can simply tap on screen. If you will drag from that tapped point, you’ll be able to have separate points of focus as well as exposure.

While recording videos, it is also possible turn on your iPhone flash to use it as light. Besides, there’s timer delay feature as well that allows you to start recording after a given time and you can also choose to pause recording and create a new QuickTime file.

It is also possible for you to keep your recorded footage within app library and not send it to camera roll.

All in all, movie pro really is a wonderful app to have on your iPhone. There are some wonderful features that even average and pro users can be able to enjoy using it alike. And, if the above mentioned features arouse your interest, head to iTunes App Store and download the app right away!

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