Mac OS X Version Codenames – Recognize Widely Used Desktop OS

Mac OS X Version Codenames – Recognize Widely Used Desktop OS

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Mac OS X is developed and marketed by Apple Inc. and it is Unix based graphical OS. The Mac version goes big for users and has become the 2nd largest scale operating system used around the world. Once the initial version was designed and released by Apple, it was made available on Mac app Store with separate packages of server functions. After that, when different versions of OS X were introduced, they were accompanied by OS X version codenames to publicly recognize each of these versions as introduced by Apple. Let’s dig a bit deeper and try to find out what each ofthese versions is called.

Mac OS X Version Codenames

OS X Version Codenames

Here is a progressive Mac OS Versionslist that introduces the versions of the Mac OS starting from 2001 when it was first released and takes it down to the bottom with latest OS X version released.

Version                             Codename                                     Released

OS X 10 beta                       Kodiak                                                  2000

OS X 10.0                             Cheetah                                               2001

OS X 10.1                             Puma                                                    2001

OS X 10.2                             Jaguar                                                  2002

OS X 10.3                             Panther (Pinot)                                 2003

OS X 10.4                             Tiger (Merlot)                                    2005

OS X 10.4.4                          Tiger (Intel: Chardonay)                 2005

OS X 10.5                             Leopard (Chablis)                             2007

OS X 10.6                             Snow Leopard                                    2009

OS X 10.7                             Lion (Barolo)                                      2011

OS X 10.8                             Mountain Lion (Zinfandel)             2011

OS X 10.9                             Mavericks (Cabernet)                       2013

OS X 10.10                           Yosemite (Syrah)                               2014

OS X 10.11                           El Capitan (Gala)                              2014

macOS 10.12                       Sierra (Fuji)                                        2016

Mac OS X version Codename

So, this is the mac os versions chart according to the year of release for each of OS X versions. Apple has used names of big cats as their OS X version codenames from year 2001 to 2012.

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However, this changed later on with the release of OS X 10.9 in 2013 which was named Mavericks after a landmark in California and then the trend continued this way. As far as internal codenames are concerned, Apple has been naming its mac operating systems after wines since 2003 (except OS X 10.6 which is only known as Snow Leopard) and it continued for internal codenames till 2014. After that they switched to apple types for internal codenames.

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