iPhone 6s Review – Still A Big Value Smartphone

iPhone 6s Review – Still A Big Value Smartphone

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Apple has already launched its new generation of iPhones with the introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Though they look quite similar to the previous versions, some new colors have been added besides making the phones waterproof. Though there are no 16GB phones now, but the stereo speakers and other attractive features still keep it a lucrative deal. With lots of different brands introducing new phones and Apple also making strides forward, still there is so much to believe that iPhone 6s remains a better choice for many. Let’s get in to some details with this iPhone 6s review.

Quick Overview:

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Quick Review - IPhone 6S Review


  • Looks great
  • Improved camera features
  • 3D Touch brings some innovation
  • Outstanding performance with increased RAM and better processing power


  • Battery life may not be as good for power users
  • Live Photos feature, though pretty cool, may not be used by many

Our Verdict

iPhone 6s is without doubt one of the fastest iPhones available on market with most advanced features. Pretty much the same as iPhone 7 and probably a better buy.

iPhone 6s Review


iPhone 6s Specifications:

  • Display: 4.7” with 1334×750 resolution, 326 ppi LCD and 3D-Touch enabled
  • Dimensions: 138.3mm x 67.1mm x 7.1mm
  • Storage: 16/64/128 GB
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Weight: 143g
  • Processor: M9 motion coprocessor
  • Front Cam: 5mp FaceTime HD cam with Retina Flash
  • Rear Cam: 12mp iSightcamwith 4k video recording and Live Photo
  • Battery Life: Up to 12hrs (Random Usage)
  • Colors: Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold

iPhone 6s Specifications

iPhone 6s Review – Design

When looking from the outside I’d say both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s seem identical. However, despite their identical designs they’re not the same. iPhone 6s is probably somewhat thicker compared to iPhone 6 and it’s actually because of an added layer indisplay.

And, I must say, you’d not be able to overlook another difference. When you hold it in your hand, it feels a lot sturdier compared to its predecessor.Believe it or not, the flimsy feel of the previous models was something that everyone complained about and it really is a wise step taken by the manufacturers to add that extra girth to the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s Review

When it comes to the material used for making this smartphone, Apple has used an improved form of aluminum that they call as “7000 Series Aluminum”. It is claimed by the company that it’s pretty much the same as that used in aerospace industry. However, the purpose of using this type of aluminum is getting rid of “bendgate” problems – iPhone 6 getting bent when people tried to apply pressure or when they sat over their phone while keeping it in the back pocket–reported in the previous model. Though the number of cases reported was insignificant, Apple deemed it necessary to address the issue.

I, myself, feel that iPhone 6s is a sturdier model and due to that new aluminum used in it the phone weighs almost 14g heavier as well.

3D Touch – A Fascinating Addition

This is the feature that has been appreciated in almost every next of the iPhone 6s user reviews. So, what it’s all about? Pressing in on the screen of your iPhone 6s will make it do some new wonderful things. Doing so will result in a pop-out window opening up with some little menus. You can do different small tasks by simply pushing in on your phone screen. That’s what 3D Touch is, a fascinating addition to the phone.

Even though the idea has been appreciated by many and it looks pretty cool too, when I tried it myself, I felt that it’s not too intuitive initially. You have to be very tentative when using 3D touch in both iPhone 6s as well as iPhone 6s Plus. Mostly it can add “quick action” pop-up menus of apps on home screen. You are shown previews of messages or links and then you can open them up yourself.

3D Touch - Iphone 6S Review

Peeking-and-filing emails will really change the way you use the app, however, people often do not have any idea as to how they can make full use of this 3D Touch feature when they are trying it for the first time. What I think is that 3D Touch is not essential as of now and if more and more apps do not start incorporating it then people would probably forget about it pretty soon.

couple talking and drinking coffee


3D Touch would feel great if you like to see a preview of different links or pop-ups opening up with lots of extras when holding some app. You feel like using a computer system (latest MacBooksoffer previews as well). Currently Apple is also working on the development of some common language and trying to achieve things that can be achieved using your little-computer.

Iphone 6s Battery Life Review – Almost The Same

Iphone 6s Battery Life Review – Almost The Same

If you want to know one thing that has not been changed much, it’s the battery. Though the batteries have got smaller in the iPhone 6s but they still offer the same battery life with normal use throughout the day. Talking of my personal experience, I use my phone heavily and keep using different heavy apps so I have to re-charge the battery in the evening or at night. Probably, your phone may do a bit more if you are not that avid user as I am.

In a standard video-playback test performed in a lab setting, the phone gave 10.5 hrs battery life in the Airplane mode. Even though that does not represent the normal usage of an iPhone user but it basically shows where the battery stands. It’s probably not much different to iPhone 6 that used iOS 8. Even in iOS 9 battery tests on different devices, there wasn’t any effect of OS upgrade on battery life. The impact shows in everyday use, however.

The iOS 9 offers new power-saving options which help your battery life to extend a bit further. In fact, when I tried that my phone gave me much more than what I intended. However, I’d still like the batteries to go bigger in the next year’s releases of iPhone.

That’s not all about iPhone 6s, you can explore more in our iphone 6s camera review to know about camera quality and details of technology used in iPhone 6s.

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