How To Get Rid Of iPhone 5 Battery Problems?

How To Get Rid Of iPhone 5 Battery Problems?

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When we first had iPhone 5 in the market, it was expected to have bigger size and a batter that could last longer than a normal iPhone. But, unfortunately, it didn’t happen and the iPhone 5 battery life didn’t come as expected. Despite Apple claiming that the users should not have such iPhone 5 battery problems, it happens and is really worrisome for the iPhone users. So, how can the issues be resolved? Well, there are a few tricks that you can try for putting things in order and getting the most out of your iPhone 5 battery.

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Try Hard Reset

So, if your iPhone 5 battery timing is not what you’d have expected then you can try hard reset option. Perform hard reset and check how your phone responds. The battery time will definitely improve after a hard reset is performed on your device and it will start working normally. One drawback is that you’ll have to perform the reset once every day so that your battery keeps working in correct order.

Sync Your iPhone 5 To iCloud Rather Than Restoring From iCloud     

Sync Your iPhone 5 To iCloud Rather Than Restoring From iCloud-how to get rid of iphone 5 battery problems          

A better solution for you after resetting your iPhone as mentioned above is not to select “restore from iCloud backup” option rather than go for fresh install. After setting up the phone set up iCloud account as well and it will automatically sync all your data afterwards.

Never Bring The Settings Over

When you choose to do this, you tell the iOS to simply ignore any kind of settings that might have been there on the old iPhones that you might have been using. Besides, you ask for data only from iCloud rather than any other option available. Though it takes some time in setting up your new iPhone but every extra second that you spend is going to worth it.

Go To Low Power Mode

Go To Low Power Mode- How To Get Rid Of iPhone 5 Battery Problems

Another great option to improve battery life when you are running low on it is switching to low power mode. Though not a permanent solution, but it really works well when you’re low on battery and you don’t want to lose your phone. It turns the processes off and conserves maximum possible power otherwise as well. You can switch to this mode by going to Battery in Settings app and then switching “Low Power Mode” On. When you are in this mode, the icon of battery on the top will turn yellow. Your phone will automatically go back to normal when the charging goes to 80% or above. Siri can also do the favor to you by turning this mode on if you instruct so.



However, if even this option is not enough then you can try a few of below mentioned things.

  • Turn screen brightness down
  • Try setting auto-lock to one minute
  • Use headphones rather than speaker when listening to music or audio
  • Hide Clock application in folder

What Else You Can Do

If you don’t have a charger at hand and you want to make the most of your available battery, then try these things mentioned below as they are certainly going to help.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and LTE antennas
  • Bring brightness to lowest possible measure
  • Close any apps that are open by double-tapping your home button
  • Disable notifications
  • Disable the location services
  • Disable iCloud

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These are all the extreme measures that can be taken for improving your iPhone 5 battery life. Try these when you need the battery to last the maximum.

Contact Apple For Solving iPhone 5 Battery Problems

Contact Apple For Solving iPhone 5 Battery Problems-How to get rid of iphone 5 battery problems

If you are still not satisfied with the battery performance of your iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5 battery replacement cost bothers you even more, your last resort is getting in touch with Apple. Quite similar to other electronics, things may go wrong and if you have AppleCare/AppleCare+ then you should book Genius Bar appointment to proceed further. You can also go for mail-in repair if you don’t live near some Apple Store by calling 1-800-My-APPLE.

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