Hiding Pictures In Photos App While Using Mac

Hiding Pictures In Photos App While Using Mac

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If you are a Mac user, you’d probably be aware of the Photos app on Mac and the uses it offers. Besides letting you manage and edit your pictures, the app can be your place for holding any kind of private stuff. If you want to keep prying eyes at bay, you can hide your private pictures in Photos app. Even though it may not be a foolproof option, you can still be able to keep things hidden from others when you are showing them a few pictures of yours. Read on to find out how to hide, unhide and view pictures in Photos app.

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Hiding Pictures In The Photos App

Hiding Pictures In Photos App While Using Mac

Follow these steps for hiding your pictures in Photos App on Mac.

  1. Launch Photos app on your Mac and find pictures that you’re looking to hide
  2. Right-click the image that is intended to be hidden and then click “Hide Photos” (You can also choose Hide Photos using Image Menu on Menu Bar)
  3. A prompt will open up asking you to confirm the action. Click on “Hide Photo”to confirm and the photo will not be visible in Photos anymore. However, you can still find it in Hidden Photos.

For hiding several images at once, drag your cursor over several pictures or Command+Click each picture and click hide photos after making the entire selection. All the selected photos will be hidden this way and won’t be visible in Photos app.

Viewing Hidden Pictures In Photos App

Hiding Pictures In Photos App While Using Mac

Even when you have hidden a few pictures of yours and they are not available in Photos app, you can still access them in Hidden Photos. Follow these steps to access the album on your Mac.

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  1. Open Photos App
  2. Click View in the menu bar
  3. Choose “Show Hidden Photo Album”
  4. Double Click Hidden Album for viewing Hidden Photos on your Mac

How To Unhide Hidden Photos On Mac

Hiding Pictures In Photos App While Using Mac

If you want to unhide any photos on your Mac, you can easily do that in a couple of quick steps as well.

  1. When you are in Hidden Album (follow above steps to get to the hidden album) right click the hidden pictures and click “Unhide Photo”.

As soon as you unhide a photo, it starts appearing in Photos app on Mac.


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