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Best Video Editing App For iPad–Available Options To Create Your Amazing Videos

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With plenty of apps available these days for video editing, each fulfilling particular roles like creating video slideshows using your photos or adding music, choosing the best video editing app for iPad is more of a challenge. However, the choices can be narrowed down easily if you are on the lookout for some of the most powerful applications that allow you to be as creative as you like when editing your videos, adding filters, making transitions and sharing your content to popular social network. Here we have our recommendation for the best app available today for video editing and you can also get to take a look at some shortlisted apps that can make video editing go like a breeze on your tablet.

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Best Video Editing App For iPad – Our Recommendation

If you’re planning to put your hands on the most powerful app out there to create some professional-looking video content that you can share in your social circles on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube, WondershareFilmora should be your first resort. Available in both Windows and Mac platforms, this really is one of the best apps you can use for editing your iPad videos. The app features all the basic tools for editing such as video clipping, cutting, rotation, voiceover recording, color adjustment, etc. There are hundreds of amazing visual effects, texts, scenes, filters, motion elements, overlays, picture-in-picture effects, intro/credits, etc. that can really take video editing to next level. Furthermore, the app now offers fourteen specially designed Effects Sets that include Beauty Set, Fitness Set, Fashion Set, Holiday Set, Travel Set and Food Set, which add an interesting perspective to video editing on your iPad. Besides, there are a few Effects Packs as well like Spring Pack, Romantic Pack and Birthday Pack which all come for free if you share them with your friends on Facebook.

With plenty of features that allow you to exploit your videos in whatever way you want, Filmora really is a go to app when it comes to video editing and is rightly recommended as the best video editing app for iPad.

Other Worth Considering Video Editing Apps For iPad

Despite the fact that WondershareFilmora is the best app for video editing with a massive margin, there are still alternative options available to give users some flexibility in choice. Here are some other video editing apps that you can try using on your iPad for editing your videos like a pro.

  1. iMovie

One of the best video editing apps for iPad, iMovie really deserves to be on each and every iPhone or iPad out there. iMovie really makes it look straight forward to tie together the footage you have shot. However, it’s not all about iMovie and the app does a lot more than what you’d have thought.

iMovie-Best Video Editing App

It can be used for adding titles, voiceovers, photos and music to your artwork. If you want to make your piece look pro, you can choose one of the TV-style themes or movie trailer templates to add to your videos. With recent upgrades, it can even handle 4k content as well.

  1. LumaFusion

Though iMovie does its job perfectly fine, it is more of a solution for casual users. And, if you’re planning to enjoy next level video editing then you should better opt for LumaFusion.

LumaFusion-Best Video Editing

The app is designed specifically to offer efficient video editing solutions and is targeted particularly at mobile filmmakers and journalists. It offers multi-track editing features while you can get real time previews, amazing animation, transitions and effects. There’s a powerful tool for adding titles included in the app as well.

LumaFusion is, probably, the best you can get on your iPad for desktop-style video-editing features.

  1. Perfect Video

Perfect Video-Best Video Edit

Just as its name suggests, Perfect Video is really a cool app that is available for free to the iPad users. What sets it apart from the rest is the quality of output file that is generated by the app. You can use this app for producing 1920×1080 HD videos in various formats. There is an interesting slideshow creator as well which puts together some amazing slideshows from your plain images. You’ll really love the slideshows that are created by the app and will also proudly share your stuff with others on social media. The tools in the app allow you to easily cut/merge videos together only with few simple taps and you can also use it for creating different effects such as fade in/fade out during slideshows. You can also use Perfect Video app to add text in between your photos. It really is a unique feature which you may not be able to find in most of the video editing apps out there.

  1. Clipper

Clipper-Best Video Editing Ap

An app recommended by Gizmodo as the best video editing app for iPad, Clipper is not just free but is also quite easy to use and understand. It can take care of all your editing tasks which you’d like to do with any professional video editor. Mainly, there are some quick tools that allow you to create your movie using the photos or videos you have on your iPad. As the name suggests, Clipper is your instant video editing app and requires very less time for creating professional movies.

  1. Screen Chomp

Screen Chomp is a simple video editing app for iPad that allows for screen recording and touching on your iPad screen. The app also offers some robust editing features as well. It only requires you to import the media files, arrange them together and wait until it completes your movie. The app will upload a great movie to the account you have set up on the provider’s official website. It will also give you the short link pointing to your movie that you can share with friends on social media.

  1. Cute Cut

Cute Cut-Best Video Editing A

Use Cute Cut for editing videos on iPad like a Pro. It’s a professional video editing app for iPad and can be downloaded for free using iTunes. The app offers some unique features to make video editing on iPad easier than ever. Rated as the best by many of its users already, the app comes with fully functional dashboard where you can access all the great features. It extends support for 16:9 HD as well as 4:3 SD videos both in landscape and portrait mode. Some of the amazing free features of the app include more than 30 drawing tools, more than 20 predefined transitions, gradient effect and a lot more. It’s really one awesome tool that even allows you to share your edited videos on the internet with a single click.

  1. LumaFX

If you like to enjoy using some of the highlights of LumaFusion app mentioned above while adding effects or quickly changing your videos, LumaFX provides you with just that.

LumaFX-Best Video Editing App

It is all about fixing your clips whether you ended up shooting a footage with color cast or were holding the iPad wrong while shooting. All it takes is a few taps and LumaFX will flip, rotate and reorient footage, adjust aspect ratio and speed, and apply all kinds of effects as you like. Now, whether you only want to make subtle adjustments to shadows and contrast or you are looking to completely transform your home movies into deranged Easter European animation from 1970s, LumaFX really is the solution for you. However, if you are already using LumaFusion then you may not need to download this one as everything is already possible there.

  1. Splice

Splice-Best Video Editing App

The free video editing app for iPad, Splice is free version of award-winning Splice Editor. Using this app you can easily tie together your HD videos and photos to come up with an amazing movie that you can share with everyone else online. The app offers more or less the same features as original video editor for Windows or Mac including sound effects, background music, borders, transitions, trim audio and video, motion effects, voiceover, etc. There are some amazing filters to witness as well which really make it the best video editing app for iPad that is worth recommending.

  1. Magisto-Best Video Editing Ap

Magisto is the app for those who like to take advantage of automated editors and consider using the Replay feature much of effort. You can point the app to several photos and images, pick your desired theme and add some cool music to play in the background, and that’s it. It will take a little while for Magisro to complete its chore and it will give you an animated short video according to the content you had provided. If you want to use the free version of the app, your movies will be limited to one minute only. However, if you are ready to spend on the premium version, longer movies can be created and there will be unlimited downloads available.

  1. Pinnacle Studio

It’s an advanced video editor for iPad that features some really useful tools like media organizer, video enhancer and editor, voiceover, and sound effects. Besides, it also allows you to share your creation on social media as well. You can use Pinnacle Studio for editing your videos,audio files and photos as well all from a very simple and easy-to-use interface.

Pinnacle Studio-Best Video Ed

So, if you want to take our recommendation, WondershareFilmora is the best video editing app for iPad and you should go with it without having any second thoughts. But if, somehow, that’s not an option for you then you can choose from a long list of some amazing video editing apps out there. We have shared only top 10 of them here but there are, literally, limitless options available. It’s just the matter of choosing one that offers exactly the same features you are looking for and how professionally it allows you to achieve the desired results. Every video editor has its suite of strengths and you need to do a critical analysis of what you need and what sort of job an editor does at that. So, consider all the options, make your pick, and go on an amazing video editing journey with your favorite video editor for iPad and share your stuff with the world.


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