Best iPhone Apps For Beginners

Best iPhone Apps For Beginners

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So, you have joined Apple community just now and have got your new iPhone for the first time, you’d be short on apps to make the most of your iPhone experience. You’d definitely be looking for best iPhone apps out there and the most popular ones as well. Here we have singled out some of the best iPhone apps for 2017 that are worth an install on your new iPhone. Whether you’re a socialite, music lover, or some busy bee, these apps are certainly a must-have for you.

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Best iPhone Apps For Social Networking

If you are a socialite then these are the best apps for you.

  1. Facebook

Facebook - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

With above 1.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook is literally on every smartphone that is out there. So, if you’re also a Facebook user then you would definitely want to have the iPhone app for the social platform as well to stay connected with your Facebook friends on the go. The best part is that the Facebook account can be linked to the iPhone for letting Siri to update Facebook statuses for you.

  1. Instagram

Instagram - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Instagram makes your social photography experience the best. When following celebrities, friends and the trending topics on social media, you’re flooded with every type of pictures. Instagram lets you put your hands on these pictures and share yours with everyone else from a perfect user interface.

  1. Twitter

 Twitter - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Though not as mainstream as Facebook but Twitter still manages to capture a fair share of social traffic. So, if you are also on Twitter and continuously update your account or want to stay updated with others’ then you must install Twitter app on your new iPhone. Though you can find many third-party clients for Twitter, the official app still remains to be the best.



Best iPhone Apps Ever For Messaging

If you do a lot of chit-chat on your phone then you’d love these messaging apps.

  1. Skype For iPhone

Skype For iPhone - IPhone Apps for Beginners

Skype is your full-service messenger app available for iPhone as well. You can do anything on it whether it’s group chats, video conferencing, voice calls or simple messaging. Whether your grandparents know much about smartphones or not, they might figure out something to stay in touch on skype.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

If you use Google+ or Gmail then you’d definitely know what Hangouts is. It’s simply the chat window that opens up on Gmail or the Social Networking website. You can use Google Hangouts only with your Google accounts.

  1. Messenger

Messenger - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

We talked earlier about Facebook, and now it’s time for the official messaging app for the most celebrated social networking website out there. Yes, messenger is the messaging app to stay in touch with your Facebook contacts without having to enter the Facebook app. What’s best, however, is that it lets you connect and chat to people even if they are your friends on Facebook or not. If they’re using Facebook/Messenger, that’s find enough.

Best iPhone Apps For Productivity

So, if you want to keep your iPhone productive, here are the apps that you should look into.

  1. 1Password

1Password - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

For everyone who uses different login details for so many different websites and apps, 1password lets you store your passwords safely. Besides, it can be your safe space for keeping any important profile data, credit card info, etc. All you have to remember is just 1 password under which all your stuff will be kept safe. And if your new iPhone comes with TouchID then you’ll have to simply give your fingerprint to login.

  1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

If you’re an average modern-day human then Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) must be a very basic need for your routine operations. You might have to use either or all of these apps in the Microsoft Office suite to fulfill your routine office chores. If you are subscribed to Office 365 then you’ll be able to access all the important stuff through your iPhone as well. In addition, you can edit, create and share your documents while you’re on the move.

  1. Apple iWork

Apple iWork - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

iWork is Apple’s reply to Micorsoft’s MS Office. Numbers, Pages and Keynote allow you to have same type of results. The only thing that changes is the interface. iWork even allows you to export the documents to MS Office formats making it easier to share them with your peers who may be using the product from Microsoft. iWork also allows you to store everything on iCloud, making it easier to access all your stuff from anywhere.

Best Music Apps iPhone

If you’re music geek, here are the apps to have in your pocket all the time.



  1. Apple Music

Apple Music - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

When using Apple’s smartphone, why not get everything from Apple. When it comes to music, you can’t find a better alternative to Apple Music for sure. It allows you to access lots and lots of tunes from Apple. There are entire albums available from your favorite artists and you can even make playlists of your own to listen to your favorite songs anytime you may like. Everything can be downloaded as well.

  1. Spotify

Spotify - best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Similar to Apple but not exactly from Apple, Spotify is a preferred choice for many outside Apple. And if you’re new to iPhone, then install Spotify to have your playlists and favorite tracks handy.

  1. SoundHound

SoundHound - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

It’s your choice for music identification. You just have to tap the app so that it can listen to whatever song is playing and it will give you back the song name, the singer, lyrics and everything else that is there about it. The best part is you can connect your SoundHound to Apple Music and Spotify to automatically add the songs you have discovered to playlists and enjoy them whenever you like.

  1. Pandora

Pandora - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Pandora works differently from Apple Music or Spotify. It gives you your own personal radio station. Just hit play button to let music flow out of your iPhone.

Best Media Streaming Apps For iPhone

Want a media streaming app for your iPhone? Here is your list.

  1. Hulu

Hulu - best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Hulu lets you have thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. However, iPhone users need to have paid subscription for accessing all that. So, get access to greatest catalogue from Hulu anytime you like with a paid subscription.

  1. Netflix

Netflix - best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Just like Hulu, Netflix also allows you to stream innumerable movies and TV shows right on the iPhone. However, it also needs you to subscribe to the service. If you’re watching Netflix movies and shows on the computer, why not have it on your mobile?

  1. YouTube

YouTube - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

A heaven for video lovers, YouTube not just gives you access to millions of videos from all over the world it also allows you to make your own short videos from iPhone, edit them and upload to get some fame. You don’t really have to keep switching screens for any of these things. So, it gives you the ultimate freedom with videos and you can do anything you want from watching popular videos to uploading ones of your own.

Best Cloud Storage Apps For iPhone

Cloud storage is really a revolution in making everything accessible while on the go. So, take a look at these great apps for your iPhone and make all your important stuff easily accessible.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

So, if you want to keep all your important stuff handy and still ensure that your precious space on iPhone isn’t wasted, Dropbox always comes on top. Dropbox can be your storage for everything from movies, photos and music to e-books and PDFs. Besides, you can even share all your stored content with others. With its cross-platform compatibility, anyone with internet access can now use Dropbox. Get the app to set up your account today.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

With Google making strides in every dimension, Google drive gives you great service when it comes to cloud storage. However, you need to have your Google account for using the app. The app lets you save documents, pictures, videos, etc. It is also possible to edit Google Docs when using cloud service. Many businesses use it for sharing information with the employees easily. So, if you have a Google account and need cloud storage, Google Drive must make it to your iPhone screen.

  1. One Drive

One Drive - best iPhone Apps for Beginners

One Drive is the cloud storage offered by Microsoft. It helps you store documents – even those that are not on Microsoft Office – music, contacts, videos, and lots more. Sharing documents is easier than ever and due to its cross-platform compatibility, your One Drive account is accessible on any device including iPhone. With Microsoft 365, the features can be made to grow exponentially.

Best Navigation Apps For iPhone

When it comes to the navigation apps, Google Maps remains to be the king and that’s probably what you should have on your iPhone.



  1. Google Maps

Google Maps - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Over the years, Google Maps has really come out on top and remains to be the app of choice for many when it comes to navigation. Despite the fact that Apple’s own Maps app is now improved continuously but it still can’t beat Google Maps. The Maps app from Google offers a lot more and with great accuracy as well. It also works fine in greater number of locations.

Best Reading Apps For iPhone

Here again we’re listing just one app that’s probably one of the best available.

  1. Kindle Reader

Kindle Reader - best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Even when you’re not using Kindle, you can still be able to read kindle books. With Amazon you can download the books you want and read them on the iPhone. You need to buy the books on Amazon first to read them on iPhone using Kindle.

Best Fitness Apps For iPhone

If you’re a fitness geek and always love to maintain your great shape then you must have a couple of fitness apps on your new iPhone. Take a look at our best picks.

  1. Fitbit

Fitbit - best iphone apps for Beginners

There needs to be something on your iPhone that lets you count every step that you take. Well, the Fitbit is your ultimate fitness app for iPhone as it doesn’t need you to have anything extra for tracking your fitness routine. There are some great features that Fitbit has to offer and if you’re gearing up to get it on your iPhone then you’ll surely love it. The company also offers some fitness trackers that you can wear to store all the data tracked by the app on iPhone.

  1. Runtastic Pro

Runtastic Pro - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Runtastic isn’t necessarily for tracking your running progress. There are so many activities that you can do with the app like football, rock climbing, cross fit, etc. There are options from which you can choose your desired workouts. It’s also possible to pick the workout route from amongst those added by others to the app. It is also possible to share whatever workout you’re doing with the friends to let them know what you’re up to.

Best Weather Apps For iPhone

Keeping yourself updated with the latest weather forecasts is always important, especially when you’re on the go most of the times. Here is our pick for the weather app for your iPhone.

  1. Dark Sky

Dark Sky - Best iphone apps for Beginners

Even though the in-built weather app from Apple offers everything you need but with Dark Sky there is one great feature that makes it even better. The app tells you instantly if it’ll be snowing or raining the very next moment. In seasons when it is always raining, the app can be used for planning the instant outdoor activities. So, if you have to go out there and do some grocery or just take a quick walk, check with the app whether you should or not. So, weather app can be used for checking daily forecasts while Dark Sky can be your partner to check what’s coming next.

Best iPhone Games

When you have everything on your iPhone, why not have a couple of great games as well? Here are a couple of best picks for avid gamers.

  1. Icycle

Icycle - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

The Editor’s choice pick from the App store, Icycle completely redefines platform gaming genre. The adventure offered by the game is probably something you might have not seen on an iPhone/iPad before.

couple talking and drinking coffee


In iCycle you take the role of naked man who has to make his way through some really tough stages on his small bicycle. With its wonderful sound effects and music, iCycle also tops the list of popular games with its amazing visuals and offers a top-notch experience. You have to traverse through frozen surroundings where everything is just about to melt while you ride through those exploding cakes, collapsing structures, and surreal backdrops. So, if you want to take a perfectly wild ride and amuse yourself with the experience, iCycle is worth an install.

  1. Star Knight

Star Knight - Best iPhone Apps for Beginners

Control Naro to reclaim the Gaon from those terrible monsters. Besides, try your best to bring the sun back from that Dark Dragon Nidhogg. Though quite hard, Star Knight is really fun to play with its wonderful art. Reach objectives at every stage featuring various traps, enemies and terrains to grow in your character.

So, pick your favorite best iPhone apps from the categories mentioned above and rejuvenate your iPhone experience. You’ll surely love your iPhone with these great apps.

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