3d Touch Apps For iPhone To Make The Most Of It

3D Touch Apps For iPhone To Make The Most Of It

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Apple came up with 3D Touch a couple of years back with the introduction of iPhone 6S. At that time, the manufacturer advocated the tech to bring a revolution in how we used to interact with touchscreen gadgets. Well, 3D Touch – and its pressure sensitivity – has seemed to achieve that over the years. There are plenty of 3D Touch Apps For iPhone that have made their way to the App Store in recent times and they have really changed the user experience altogether. Here we have covered some of the best 3D touch apps to use on iPhones that really allow you to make the most of your device and the feature itself.

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Some Of The Best 3D Touch Apps For iPhone

This list here contains some of the best 3D Touch Apps For iPhone out there. The apps in the list belong to all the different categories and use 3D Touch with the aim of enhancing your user experience. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. OpenTable

OpenTable-3d Touch Apps For iPhone To Make The Most Of It


OpenTable is a great app that has been known historically to be among the first apps that offer support for any iPhone and iOS updates. Back in 2012, the app was amongst the initial few that took advantage of larger display of iPhone 5. And with 3D Touch coming to the scene, it allowed users with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plusto take advantage of the new tech. 3D Touch can be used on app icon for quickly taking a look at your upcoming reservations and the favorite locations. Peeking and Popping within OpenTable will also let you to get some quick information related to restaurants. Even one-tap reservations are possible by using 3D Touch in OpenTable app.

  1. Flickr

Flickr-3d Touch Apps For iPhone To Make The Most Of It


Flickr has been the favorite for many of late to be used with 3D Touch. When looking at photo previews in the camera roll, the app lets you to keep scrubbing sideways to be able to see more and more pictures quickly. Though very small a change, you’ll find it very useful as you actually start using it. Even though we’d say the feature should have been there wherever you had pictures but, unfortunately, it only works with the camera roll. It won’t work for the other users or inside the albums. However, you can still do standard peek on most of the profiles, albums, photos, and even notifications.

  1. Workflow

Workflow-3d Touch Apps For iPhone To Make The Most Of It


As we know 3D Touch comes as productivity feature in iPhones, it works best with the productivity apps like Workflow. Just combine these two and you will be able to start doing things way more quickly. The app allows you to have quick access to the workflows using application shortcuts from Home Screen. You can also peek into the workflows to have some quick previews as well as access to the editing tools. The workflows can even be popped into full view allowing you to start things off quickly. The Workflow app also integrates iOS 9 Spotlight letting you to use Spotlight as well for making a search through workflows. It really is one of the best 3D Touch apps for iPhone no matter which model you own.

  1. Instagram

instagram-3d Touch Apps For iPhone To Make The Most Of It


For those social geeks, Instagram is a must-have on iPhone and it comes with 3D Touch support. In fact, the use of 3D Touch with Instagram was heavily showcased by Apple when the feature was first introduced. Instagram comes with Home Screen icon shortcuts which give you quick access to direct messages, activity, search and also allow you to create new posts right away. When using Instagram, you can also peek into photos to open them right from their thumbnails. Besides, you can also comment, like or share the photos using 3D Touch. So, just imagine the speed you can achieve by using the 3D Touch feature and the Instagram app together.

  1. Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic-3d Touch Apps For iPhone To Make The Most Of It


Hipstamatic is a square photo filter application that becomes most fashionable with 3D Touch compatibility. The 3D Touch actions from the home screen allow you to shoot food, portrait, sunset and even edit the photo you have just taken. When inside the app, it is also possible for you to peek at your photos to ensure that right one is selected. There are some quick actions as well to mark favorite, share, trash and duplicated & edit.

  1. News360

News360-3d Touch Apps For iPhone To Make The Most Of It


News360 is one of the best 3D Touch apps for iPhone out there that took a unique approach to ensure maximum productivity with the use of 3D Touch feature. It saves your time by not letting you directly peek into the full story. Rather, you can peek into news stories to check their three-sentence summaries in the bid to determine if they’re really of your interest or not. If you find something worth reading then you can simply pop into it and start reading. And if you’re not interested in something then all you have to do is to lift the finger and continue browsing. There are some handy shortcuts available in the app from Home screen icon that let you access home feed, local news, saved articles and top stories.

  1. Scanner Pro

Using the new 12-mp camera of iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you can easily scan your documents using your new iPhone and get clearer images than ever. The scanner pro app allows you to use the Home Screen actions for initiating new scans or for scanning from the existing photos. When inside the app, you can be able to preview your scans and ensure that you make the right selections always. It is also possible to swipe up and get access to some additional options such as edit, share, retake and delete.

  1. Magic Piano

Talking about 3D Touch, it isn’t just amazing for work rather it is equally great for play too. Magic Piano can be considered as one of few 3D Touch apps for iPhone that don’t feature any shortcut menus for Home Screen icon. However, it still manages to take a creative approach to implementing 3D Touch on iPhone. The app actually takes into account the amount of force being applied to give softer or louder sounds of the piano. Pressing a note forcefully allows you to enjoy a dramatic and louder sound while if you tap gently then it will create a light, softer sound. So, using 3D Touch with this app allows you to impart more creativity and flexibility into your music.

  1. Voice Dream Writer

Apple launched the 3D Touch feature with VoiceOver in the first place. VoiceOver is basically the screen reader tech from Apple for the visually impaired and the blind. The Voice Dream Reader app makes use of 3D Touch in many different ways to help the targeted audience. There are Home screen actions to open new documents as well as new from the clipboard. Peeking at the files allows you to ensure that you’re opening the right file before it is actually opened. Then there is fast forward option that allows you to increase screen reader’s speed. All these capabilities really combine to give you the best possible experience.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the most famous collection network around the world and, guess what, it also comes with 3D Touch features now. There are Home screen actions that make it a lot easier to use the app. With a finger press, you can now be able to launch directly into trending, create your board and can search for pins right away. Inside the board, it is possible to use 3D Touch feature for peeking at the items and link, pin and send them. However, you can’t implement these options in the standard way of using 3D Touch that allows you to do things quickly. There’s a customized radial menu for these right under your finger. Just like the way instant sending works in Messages, you just need to slide and make things work as you want.

So, these are the best 3D Touch apps for iPhone that you must not miss out on. Use these apps, especially, when you want to make the most of your iPhone’s 3D Touch capabilities. There are several 3D Touch apps for iPhone in this list that really change the way 3D Touch could be used. They really implement some of the most creative and unique ways to make use of this feature and if you want to enjoy peeking and popping into apps then you really need to download a few of them right away.


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