360 Camera iPhone – What Options Are Available

360 Camera iPhone – What Options Are Available?

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Within no time 360-degree cameras have managed to make their space in the world of technology. They’re a great new accessory with exceptional uses and have been trending this year. If you are not much familiar with this newly trending accessory then read on and you’ll find out what a 360camera iPhone is all about and what popular options are available for the users.

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What Is A 360 Camera iPhone?

A 360camera iPhone, basically, connects itself to your iPhone wirelessly and enables you to take panorama images and records some of the best spherical videos. When it comes to the immersion level of these cameras, they take you way beyond what you might be able to achieve with your built-in iPhone Camera. And, if you are able to add VR glasses then you’ll fly directly to a whole new place feeling as if you’re actually there.

The Best 360 Cameras For iPhone

So, if the concept of a 360 camera iPhone really impresses your fancy, and you are interested in looking at the best options available to you, here are top 5 options that you can choose from.

  1. Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera

The elegant and polished design of Theta S from Ricoh is what makes it stand out and you’re sure to fall in love with this wonderful accessory as well. It features a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor that is capable of giving 14 megapixel images with its f/2.0 lens. What’s even better is that the camera comes with 8 GB internal storage that allows you to record Full HD video for 25 minutes. The total allowance is, however, for 65 minutes of video recording.

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera-360 Camera iPhone – What Options Are Available


The camera requires an iOS app for it to work on your iPhone. The app allows for real-time preview along with white balance and exposure information. The speed of the shutter can be set manually between 1/6400 and 60 seconds. You can also adjust exposure in 1/3EV steps.

This 360 camera iPhone can also be used for live streaming the video being captured with its Wi-Fi module. There’s a LED light incorporated in the camera design for indicating camera status as well. The hardware buttons also allow for easy controlling with one hand only.

  1. Insta360 Nano Camera

Most of the 360-degree cameras out there require you to use one hand for holding your camera while the other for holding your iPhone. This makes things a bit difficult when you have to walk through some difficult terrain or interact with everything around you. However, you don’t have to get into such trouble with insta360 Nano. This 360 camera iPhone can be attached directly to your smartphone whenever needed while still being able to work as standalone device.

Insta360 Nano Camera-360 Camera iPhone – What Options Are Available


The camera comes equipped with dual f/2.0 fisheye lenses in combination with high-resolution sensors that can record videos at 30 fps and 3040×1520 pixels. You will need insta360 iOS app for operating the camera on your iPhone. The app features live preview and panoramic video player functions. Besides, there are some handy tools available for editing purposes as well. The app can also be used for instant sharing on popular social media platforms as well including YouTube, WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

  1. 360fly 4K Video Camera

This one really is a versatile 360 camera iPhone that comes equipped with a powerful 16 megapixel sensor and is both water and dust resistant. You can carry your camera along everywhere and use it with your iPhone for capturing some of the most amazing 360 degree images and videos. There are quite a few options available when it comes to shooting mode including trigger recording, first person POV, time-lapse mode, etc. The aim is to use modern technology for giving a user experience like never before. And, when you’ll start using this 360 degree camera you’ll feel that the manufacturers have successfully achieved what they wanted.

360fly 4K Video Camera-360 Camera iPhone – What Options Are Available


You can install360fly app on any of the latest iPhones or iPads available today and the device will serve as your viewfinder, editor and controller for the 360fly camera. You’ll get real-time images of whatever is captured by your camera, edit the videos that are recorded, and also add your desired music and filters to the videos. Besides, it is possible for you to share all your recorded videos on social media as well. If that doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you can also take advantage of the desktop app if you want to as it offers some advanced tools for editing videos.

There are quite a few accessories offered by the manufacturer as well. Some of the common accessories include suction mount, mobile VR headset, vented helmet mount and a tripod.

  1. Banne 360 Degree VR Camera

Banne 360 Degree VR Camera-360 Camera iPhone – What Options Are Available

You may not be able to find many 360 degree cams in the market that offer waterproofing capabilities up to around 30 meters. Well, Banne 360 degree offers exactly that.The camera captures some of the most stunning videos and images not just in normal situations but also under water. There are a couple of fisheye lenses and each of them offers 220 degree view. Both the lenses combine to offer 360 degree vision besides letting you to record 2.7K videos at 25 fps. You can even record Full HD videos at 30 fps with this 360 camera iPhone.All your recorded videos can be shared directly on popular social media sites.

This camera, however, requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection for connecting to a iPhone.With its powerful 1200mAh battery, Banne 360 camera allows for long recordings without any interruptions whatsoever. Besides, it comes with a remote, charger, USB cable and a useful tripod. The camera is compact and when its compactness is combined with its amazing outdoor capabilities and durability, it really becomes one perfect option to go with.

  1. Gear Pro 360 Action Cam

Gear Pro 360 Action Cam-360 Camera iPhone – What Options Are Available

Gear Pro is not waterproof like Banne 360, but it still comes with waterproof case. This 360 camera iPhone can be used for recording HD videos and displays everything instantly on its 1.5” built in LCD display. With the display available right there on your camera, you’ll not need to bring your iPhone out of your pocket which will, in turn, extend the battery life of your device. However, if you want to take advantage of the display of your iPhone then you can use OTCAM camera app for this purpose.

Gear Pro also comes equipped with its own built in microphone that can record audio as well. Besides, there’s Micro HDMI port as well as a slot for Micro SD memory card. The package features waterproof case, handlebar mount to attach the camera to your motorbike or bicycle, data cable, some mount straps and the universal base mount. All these accessories allow you to use your camera in virtually endless possible ways.

360 camera iPhone really is one useful gadget to have if you are a hardcore iPhone user. And, if you are confused with so many options available, just opt for one of the above mentioned models and enjoy an amazing 360 degree camera experience. All the great features of each of the models are mentioned above so that you can make a choice as per your requirements. So, pick your 360 camera iPhone and start your amazing photography experience right away!


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